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From 'Tina Hymel' | Tina's DreamCatchers

A Short Message From Tina

Hi, my name is Tina Hymel and I started making DreamCatchers as a hobby about 5 years ago..., I hope my new web site will encourage you to buy yours from my ever increasing collection. When I went out there, looking for a craft, I wanted one that I could create on my own and also share with my family and close personal friends. I had only decided to start sharing my homemade craft with the world wide web when my personal collection became so overwhelming... And, I just had too many to keep around the house. But, they are so pleasingly colorful and fit very nicely with almost any home decor, I just kept making more and more. So, please take your time and browse each category and don't forget to check-out my "Custom Build" option before you decide which one is just right for you and your home.


DreamCatchers are a Native American craft and make a wonderful gift for just about any occasion and a great gift for that person who you always have a hard time shopping for... you know the person who has everything... We all know someone like that.

When I made one, friends always had their favorite colors choices and some idea of how they wanted theirs to look... so, I'm going to try a little something different with my web site and try to give the shopper a wide range of choices on how they would like their's to look. These built to order items will cost a little bit more but, I wanted to offer more then the other sites and I wanted my online shopper to feel they had a say in the making of their DreamCatcher. It's all so easy too... Just click on the "Custom Build" button to the left to get started. But don't worry, I will still continue to offer a variety of pre-built DreamCatchers for a very reasonable price with many different styles, sizes, colors, and configurations to choose from. Go ahead... begin browsing now!

Each one can take many hours and even days to complete so the object here is not to get rich with my product but, only to share my craft with those who can appreciate a great, colorful, craft. They are very stylish and eye-catching and make a wonderful conversation piece. So, enjoy yours and please don't forget to tell all your friends and family about

Warmest Regards,
Tina Hymel (Hymel_Tina [at]

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