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Discount Code Example for Wojo Groups 'SimpleCart.js' Script
SimpleCart Logo from the The Wojo Group Logo


(A simple 'Checkbox' that adds a specific state's sales taxes for the Wojo Groups 'SimpleCart.js' Script)


(A simple 'Discount Code' adds a PayPal 10% Discount at Checkout for the Wojo Groups 'SimpleCart.js' Script)


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Heart Candle Main Image

Item # 4501 - Custom Tee

Custom Tee-Shirt with Your Choice of Slogan or Message

Item Price:


Select Your Tee-Shirt Size:
Color Choice for Tee-Shirt:
Type in your Favorite Fragrance

Find this Line in the simpleCart.js (Version = '2.2.2')


form.appendChild( me.createHiddenElement( "amount_" + counter, item.price ) );


And Modify it to This


form.appendChild( me.createHiddenElement( "amount_" + counter, this.currencyStringForPaypalCheckout( (item.price)* discount ) ) );

I should also mention that for the Discount Code Entry Page; I used ''Web Page Password Protect'' from www.zubrag.com

My Notes:

Pay close attention to the ''cart.php'' and the ''cart_discount.php'' files.

The ''cart.php'' include's statement:

[<]?php include("/home/uswsc3/public_html/uswebsitecreation.com/discount_example/cart_discount.php"); ?[>]

To find your relevant path (like the one above) use http://www.yourdomain.com/cart_discount.php?help

Will continue to redirect to ''cart_discount.php'' page until the correct ''Discount Code'' is entered.

Once the correct ''Discount Code'' is entered however, the redirect no longer exist and the ''cart.php'' page is loaded. This is where the 10% Discount cookie is set.

The code uses two (cookies) to operate.

''discount'' cookie sets the 10% (.9) Discount.

''verify'' verifies the discount was set to .9

All cookies (including the simpleCart cookies) have been set to 1 day (24 Hours).