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PROJECT | Central Gun Exchange (Firearm Classifieds)
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From 'Paul Souza' | Central Gun Exchange

Welcome to the Central Gun Exchange!

I would like to take this opportunity formally to greet you and thank you for visiting our site. You may have noticed some distinct differences about our website in comparison to others. In time, this site will grow and develop as needs present themselves, so please make sure you book mark us and check back often.

Now... about me... I am a gun enthusiast and hobbyists. I am a former Federal Firearms Licenced dealer. I had a successful gun store until an illness forced me to retire. Today this is my way of staying active in the field of guns and the shooting sports field.

I believe that the 2nd amendment means more than just sporting rifles. I believe that law abiding citizens like you and me, have the right to protect themselves and their families and friends without governmental interference. "The right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed". We know those words quite well and our founding fathers knew what they were speaking of when they wrote it. There were no "If's and's or buts" added to it.

Central Gun Exchange is a website I have wanted to develop for a long time. Finally, with the help of a great web designer, I was able to launch what I believe to be one of the most unique websites relating to gun sales and assorted outdoor related items. Unique, because of the way we present opportunities to you. Unique, because in this fast changing and often complicated world we live in, simplicity and ease of understanding is vitally important. Here you can buy-sell-trade your firearms and related shooting sport/outdoor items through our Classifieds virtually free!

If you have commercial advertising or are promoting products and services locally or nationally, contact us! We can help you get your product out in the marketplace quickly and affordable.


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It's simplicity at its best... it's simply Free!

Free usually means there's a catch right? Well there's a catch here too. Each person that becomes a member here participates in the success of this website. Each and everyone of you at the time you sign up gets an imaginary badge, a Sheriff's badge if you will, because I need your help. Without you there's is no Central Gun Exchange! So, spread the word... include your coworkers, family and friends. By getting the word out, more members will list more items and that means more buying/selling and trading opportunities for ALL of us.

Now, here's where that badge comes in. In an effort to keep costs down by not hiring people to constantly police the site, I'm relying on you to let me know if you see something that's not appropriate. I want everyone to enjoy this site as it is for all of us, so please remember to make sure your listings are in standing with good moral character and responsibility. If a problem arises, let us know so we can address it promptly. Working together we can achieve great things. United we stand and divided we fall.

Please let me know your thoughts. Suggestions are always welcome. This site will be expanding as we go along and much of the direction in which it goes will largely depend upon you. We want this site to be the very best in every way. Your participation in its' growth is essential, so... you have an open invitation to bring your ideas, so... click away!!!

Once again, I thank you for visiting and please take a moment to sign up if you haven't already done so. Don't forget to follow us on FaceBook!

Warmest Regards,
Paul Souza (Paul [at]

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