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Nov 12 '12

By: Richard Guidry
Subject: Web Design
Title: Structured Data (Schemas)

Using Structured Data or Schemas Within Your Blog

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Structured data is information that is formatted in such a way that it can be understood by humans and by computers and machines. Because search engines often have a hard time understanding the relevant information involved in the text, or data, many times that data will be transferred into HTML. Once it is transferred into HTML, some of the original data may have been lost and may have changed how the information showed up to the reader in the browser. Structured data has been created in order to add things to the existing code of HTML in order to enable the search engine to understand the information without changing how it shows up in a browser to your readers. This new concept is incredibly important to websites and blogs that are looking to increase traffic to their sites.

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Nov 09 '12

By: Richard Guidry
Subject: Web Design
Title: Why a Freelance

Why a Freelance Web Designer Is the Best Option for Developing Your Website

When you need your website developed you have a few different options. You could hire a permanent web developer as an employee, you could sign a contract with a corporate web development firm as one of their many clients, or you could work with a freelance web designer. If you only have a single project, you don't want a new permanent employee, and sometimes the structure of a corporate business makes you feel like you are only a number. However, a freelance web designer is not only qualified in web development and highly skilled in web design but is frequently quite a bit more affordable than the other options.

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Nov 08 '12

By: Richard Guidry
Subject: SEO
Title: What You Need To
            Know About Backlinks

What You Need To Know About Backlinks

When another website links to yours and directs people to your website, that is known as a backlink. These links are a way to open up discussion between different websites on the same topic. It is also true that the more of these your website has, the more popular your website is. If there are more websites that include a link to your page, your audience has just increased with all the viewers who view that specific website. You can open up your online network greatly when other websites use these links to your website. Some search engines, such as Google, will also give more relevance to your website if there are more links for it. If you are looking to increase the popularity and amount of viewers for your site, these tools are something you should be very interested in.

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