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Importance of Keyword Density Banner

Oct 15 '12

By: Richard Guidry
Subject: SEO
Title: What Is Keyword Density
      and How Important Is It for SEO?

What Is Keyword Density and How Important Is It for SEO?

When you begin your SEO campaign, your goal is to get your web page or website ranked high in the search engines. And you want to do this quickly. Your time is valuable so you want to know how important each SEO factor is so that you know how much time and effort to spend on each. One SEO factor is keyword density. Howimportant is it? Is keyword density worth your time? The answer is divided. Keyword Icon I .png

In the 1990s, search engines were taking their first wobbly steps. Keyword density – the ratio of a keyword to the total number of words on a web page – was very important at this time. And since keyword density was such a powerful factor in getting a website ranked high in the search engines, people clung to it and took hearty advantage of it. And word caught on. Soon, keyword density was a common Internet knowledge and many people were upping their keyword density using keyword stuffing – the act of overly stuffing text with keywords. Search engines caught on to this and changed their algorithms. Keyword density became less important in ranking a website.

Web Design Trends Name Banner

Sept 15 '12

By: Richard Guidry
Subject: Website Design
Title: Web Design Trends

Web Design Trends

As with just about every aspect of computing and the Internet, web design has seen much advancement over the past year. As technology continues to advance and we change the way we use the Internet, web designers need to keep up with the trends if they want to enjoy success in their online ventures. With more people connected to the Internet than ever before, using a wide variety of devices to do so, web designers need to program their sites to accommodate as large an audience as possible. Following is an overview of some of the most significant trends in web design over the past year.

Improved Graphics in Website Design Banner

Sept 03 '12

By: Richard Guidry
Subject: Web Design Trends
Title: Improved Graphics

Web Design Trends | Improved Graphics

Internet connections are getting faster and faster every year. Although some people are still stuck with dialup connections due to where they live, the vast majority of Internet users are using fast broadband connections which are more than capable of handling graphics-intensive sites. Web designers should no longer feel restricted to using blurry, low-quality images on their sites. These days, web designers who are keeping up with the times are using high-quality graphics, background images, textures and even more advanced features such as parallax scrolling. Following is an overview of some of the more significant trends in web design graphics.

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