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Domain Nmaes | 20 Tips on How to Choose a Domain Name Banner

Aug 24 '12

By: Richard Guidry
Sub: SEO Domain Name Buying
Title: Choosing a Domain Name

Domain Names | 20 Domain Name Buying Tips

1. Keep it Simple – Find a Domain Name that has a simple spelling. Many have with spelling, so make it simple for your visitors to remember your Domain Name without a difficult spelling. 2. Stay with a ".com" if at all possible – The .com Top-Level-Domain (TLD) is the most widely accepted/used extension for domain names. Now, there are some exceptions of course… for-instance if you run a business that is based outside of the United States then it may be wise to use a local Top-Level-Domain (TLD). Some examples are ".ca" for Canada, ".de" for Germany, ".uk" for the United Kingdom, ".cn" for China, etc.,

Search Engine Optimization | Dealing With Search Engine Changing Algorythms Banner

July 15 '12

By: Richard Guidry
Subject: SEO
Title: Dealing With Search Engine
            Changing Algorithms

SEO | Search Engine Changing Algorithms

The most promising way to gain traffic to your website is through Search Engine Optimization, but it is one of the most difficult methods as well. Not only do website designers have to work to build links and add content with specific keywords to your website, but they have to deal with the constantly changing algorithms. Specifically speaking about Google, websites have suffered greatly from both “Google Panda” and “Google Penguin”. Every time a search engine changes up the methods used to rank websites it changes up the strategies that web designers must undertake in order to get onto that glorious first page of results. Through these instructions you can learn about some of the most recent and unwavering techniques to gain rankings in search engine results.

Not Getting the Traffic You Deserve? Check Your Keywords! Banner

June 15 '12

By: Richard Guidry
Subject: SEO
Title: Not Getting the Traffic
You Deserve Check Your Keywords!

Not Getting the Traffic You Deserve? Check Your Keywords!

If search engine optimization just doesn’t seem to be working for you then you may not be using keywords effectively. The keywords that you choose for the content on your website play the most important role in search engine optimization. Web crawlers pick up on these words so that they can guide searchers to a page that will provide them with relevant information to what they are searching. If your website needs some help with choosing the keywords that you should use, you can try some of the techniques that are explained below.

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